10171639_295327617289155_173151403_n (1)“Please prepare for take off in 3…2…1…-”

Get ready for this year’s TASC 2014 Banquet! This is our biggest event of the semester and we’ll be bringing you all the culture and festivities of all things Taiwanese right here to this great place we call Binghamton.

Hopefully most of you had a taste of Taiwan during last semester’s Night Market (literally ha). This semester, be prepared because we’re bringing everything Taiwan has to offer to YOU! More specifically, we’ll be bringing you to Taipei so you can experience the best nightlife this nation has to offer.


Imagine a warm temperate breeze as you try to absorb the nightlife atmosphere around you: shop corners, street signs, local eateries, glowing lanterns, and city lights. There’s an infinite bustling of activities from street performers to wanna-be pop star singers, cultural festivities like fan dancing and a variety of other performances (including a GUEST performer). And what better way to soak in these late night Taiwanese festivities than with food? That’s right, TASC will be feeding you tonight ;]


Excited? Better be.

Go treat yourself,
Hop on aboard our flight to One Night in Taipei!

-Semiformal Attire
-Doors open at 7:30pm
-Advanced Tickets: $8
-At Door Tickets: $10

We will be tabling to sell TICKETS on Monday March 31 noon to 4pm in MARKETPLACE! Come buy your tickets then!